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A+ can show you or your company how to improve productivity. We are a unique company with a creative problem solving approach and are well versed with electronics, software and technology because we have been on the cutting edge of technology since 1984. Don't trust your privacy to your neighbor or a friend who fixes computers. We have close relationships with software and hardware vendors because we sell many of their products, so it's better to have a professional handle the job who is familiar with the products being installed and knows what to expect when installing and supporting because they install and configure these products all the time and have direct support contacts they work with to get the proper components, updates and service manuals that are not available to everyone.


Save your business money by providing IT support when needed. There are several reasons to have A+ supply and support your computers and be your IT department because we respond quickly and provide remote assistance without requiring a visit to your office in some cases. Even if you don't purchase our systems, we still provide support on a contract or per service call basis.


A+ is commited to excellent service and quality.

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We Specialize in Computer Service, Industrial Data Collection Systems and Office PC's, your systems are manufactured in WNY and we beat any price on computers for your business!


A+ provides a wide range of computer repair services, custom Industrial rackmounts that fit into desks in the office or industrial solutions for the automotive industry, data aquisition and office desktops and equipment. You tell us what you need and we assemble, test, install and deliver high quality, proven reliable Windows or Linux computers. We wouldn't be in business if we sold a bad product and so many companies rely on our systems to integrate with existing hydraulic or industrial cutting machines controlled by special software.

Aside from our great services, our products are assembled here in WNY and we keep the money local. We stand behind these hand built units and they don't get branded with our logo until they meet strict quality standards, they can be packaged and shipped amywhere in the United States.

A+ is known in the community for it's expert service and genuine concern for the customer. Take a look at our products and services and take a stand to get what you deserve.


Order rackmounts WNY, 11.85 depth custom systems

Manufactured in WNY, our quality rackmounts are used in Industrial environments to collect statistical data, to serve media or mounted into desks in the office as a space saving solution.


We cure PC frustration

Viruses, Spyware and hardware failures can lead to pure frustration and we have had the joy of turning many frustrated faces to smiles. Inquire about converting your mood today. People pass their problems to us all of the time, we are kind of used to it.

Be local, buy local computers and rackmounts from A+ of Buffalo, NY


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