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We service IBM, Toshiba, Gateway, Emachines, Sony, Lernovo, Dell, Compaq and any major brand pc or laptop wny buffalo
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A+ Technology Solutions of WNY, your Panacea for Computer Solutions.



A+ Technology has been on the cutting edge of Computers since the introduction of the IBM PC in 1981, Tandy, Commodore and Apple Computers. We have worked with many systems like Honeywell and IBM Mainframe systems and provided hardware, software and communications solutions explained in simple terms for decades before these new companies popped up. We know systems because we are veteran computer hackers.

We communicate every step of the way to provide the right solution, we never assume anything. We can provide your company machines and the Information Technology Support you deserve without breaking the bank or provide repair and upgrade services like no other. If you take your computer somewhere else, we probably worked there before.

We are the leading provider of industrial and office PC equipment in WNY. Our focus is the customer and we provide an honest and detailed quote that can save your company money. Our A+ Branded Computer Systems are the toughest around with the best warranty for your home or office or take advantage of our IT Services.





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A+ can bring your office and home systems current so you can compete, your computer systems are what power your business so don't trust the integrity of your information and your privacy by letting employees work on computer systems and servers. We have horror stories to share from companies who trusted internal people with systems. Trust experience since 1981, trust A+ Technology Solutions because we are bound to protect your information as if it were our own, an employee will not after termination.


Save your business money by providing IT support when needed. There are several reasons to have A+ supply and support your computers and be your IT department because we respond quickly and provide remote assistance without requiring a visit to your office in most cases. Even if you don't purchase our systems, we still provide support on a contract or per service call basis. Do not let employees control your Information Technology, hire an expert and all the answers aren't on google.



A+ is commited to excellent service, quality and products.

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Order rackmounts WNY, 11.85 depth custom systems

Manufactured in WNY, our quality rackmounts are used in Industrial environments to collect statistical data, to serve media or mounted into desks in the office as a space saving solution.


We cure PC frustration

We just can't believe people still go to Best Buy for services. You probably don't know what it's like to drop a Computer off on Friday and get it back on Monday or the next day. 50% of our repairs are Best Buy purchased systems.

Be local, buy local computers and rackmounts from A+ of Buffalo, NY


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